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Car Registration Plates Beginning With Y3L

The registration plate archive for UK cars, bikes and vans registered between 1903 and 2001

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Choose from the following registration plates. If you want to find your specific registration plate, look down through the list and find yours, or if you are in a bit of a rush, hit Control and the F key on your keyboard (or Cmd and the F key on a Mac) or look in your browser's options menu for a "Search This Page" option. Then type in your car or bike registration number (or at least the first few letters and numbers) and you should find it further down this page.

Y3 LAA to Y3 LAZ

Y3 LBA to Y3 LBZ

Y3 LCA to Y3 LCZ

Y3 LDA to Y3 LDZ

Y3 LEA to Y3 LEZ

Y3 LFA to Y3 LFZ

Y3 LGA to Y3 LGZ

Y3 LHA to Y3 LHZ

Y3 LIA to Y3 LIZ

Y3 LJA to Y3 LJZ

Y3 LKA to Y3 LKZ

Y3 LLA to Y3 LLZ

Y3 LMA to Y3 LMZ

Y3 LNA to Y3 LNZ

Y3 LOA to Y3 LOZ

Y3 LPA to Y3 LPZ

Y3 LQA to Y3 LQZ

Y3 LRA to Y3 LRZ

Y3 LSA to Y3 LSZ

Y3 LTA to Y3 LTZ

Y3 LUA to Y3 LUZ

Y3 LVA to Y3 LVZ

Y3 LWA to Y3 LWZ

Y3 LXA to Y3 LXZ

Y3 LYA to Y3 LYZ

Y3 LZA to Y3 LZZ

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