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UGH169F - Vehicle Registration Details

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This registration was first registered during the period August 1967 to July 1968.

The registration was first registered in London.

If you are using this plate as a private registration, you can only assign it to a vehicle with an F registration or newer, one that was originally registered after the 1st of August 1967.

Front Plate:

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Rear Plate:

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Comments Added For UGH169F

Ford Corsair V4 1700

Added by Anonymous of Angus

Owned this bench-seated, column-shift automatic beauty from 1982 to 1984 in Colchester, Essex. Bought for 50.00 while it was covered completely in orange undercoat paint - including the trim. Had many great runs around the UK in it before I moved abroad, including my honeymoon in Scotland. I had the chrome re-done, some minor under vehicle and engine work done by some REME friends, replaced the radiator with one from a Ford Transit and painted the car black with a white roof - earning it the nickname of the "Guinness-mobile" (so much so that Guinness very kindly provided me with two giant stickers for the front doors!). My first car. I have a couple of photos available for sharing.

Posted at 8.44am Wed September 20th 2017

Ford Corsair V4 1700

Added by Anonymous

I bought this car in Colchester, Essex, in 1980 (or 1981) and it was quite "mint" on the inside - it still had a bench front seat, wooden fascia and it was a column shift automatic. The exterior was orange, including all of the chrome work so I restored the latter and painted the car black with a white roof. I only had to replace the air filter and the radiator, both I got from a local scrap yard and the radiator was from a Transit so custom brackets had to be fitted. I used it for not only local travels but also regular trips home to the Wirral and for my honeymoon to Scotland. I eventually sold the car in 1982 when I moved abroad - I think to a police officer on Merseyside. I'll have a trawl through some old photos and negatives and try to find then upload a couple of pics.

Posted at 11.02am Thu December 15th 2016

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