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KGR883 - Vehicle Registration Details

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This car registration was first registered in Sunderland.

Front Plate:

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Photos Submitted For KGR883

Triumph Bonneville

Triumph Bonneville

Pearl grey and tangerine 650cc twin. A beautiful machine but where is it now?

Comments Added For KGR883

Triumph Bonneville Twin cylinder 650cc engine

Added by Anonymous of Durham

I bought this bike in 1959 from Streamline garages, a car dealership in Sunderland England. A beautiful looking bike with racing magnito and cams. Ultra reliable and unbeatable in its day, I put a matching streamlined fairing on it and rode it until 1963 when with tears in my eyes I had to sell it to help with the purchase of a new house. It was 1970 when I raced borrowed bikes and then again in 1980 when I bought myself a 350 LC Yamaha. I still have the original front number plate and locking petrol cap from my all time favourite bike. The Triumph Bonneville. Would love to have it back.

Posted at 10.04pm Wed July 27th 2016

Triumph Bonneville

Added by Anonymous of Antrim

I bought this bike in 1974 as a non running café racer, after a rebore and new pistons I rode it on the road for about a month when big end failure put it of the road. The engine was stripped and the crank reground ready for rebuild but the stripped engine then lived in a box until 2014 when I brought it back into the light of day with plans of restoration. To date not much has changed but I have now cleared some space in the garage and hope to start soon. This bike was registered in November 1958 making it one of the early models.

Posted at 2.34pm Sat March 7th 2015

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Want to find out if KGR883 is still on the road? Have a look at a RegArchive Report to have probably the best chance of finding out if it's still around anywhere!

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