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The registration number plate archive for UK vehicles

RegArchive is an online archive for UK car registration plates from 1932 to 1963 (ABC 123) through to 1963 to 1982 (ABC 123 D) and finally from 1982 to 2001 (A 123 BCD).

Memories Of Your Car

Cars and other vehicles can bring back such wonderful memories for people - especially a car that they owned many years ago. If you have a photo of your old car please consider uploading it so we can publish it for posterity. Add any relevant comments as well - perhaps some memories about what the car means to you, where you went in it, where you drove it and even how old you were.

Latest Vehicle and Number Plate Comments

Mercedes Benz , reg TFR528D submitted by Joan Allan, Norfolk, 10.47am Mon October 16th 2017

"I'm looking for any info on this Mercedes, my dad's old car. We grew up around Leicester an..."

Bedford A series, reg KAK392 submitted by Modelman, Yorkshire, 10.26pm Wed October 11th 2017

"This Vehicle Was First Owned By L And F Wild Bradford And I Rode For Many Miles In It As A Young Boy...."

Nissan Primera, reg Y861YEW submitted by Siv, 5.56am Wed October 11th 2017

"This vehicle has been exported to the Caribbean. The colour is still Green. It has under gone some ch..."

Ford Fiesta, reg J926GAS submitted by Kevin, Caithness, 2.13pm Sat October 7th 2017

"I would love to buy this car back, i owned between 94-95, I know it was crashed, I seen it, but if n..."

Bentley R-type, reg 576HYV, 3.03am Tue October 3rd 2017

"R Type Bentley has been in Australia since at least 1980. Up till yesterday it lived at Byron Bay, NS..."

Sunbeam , reg BCK547 submitted by Jim Roberts, Somerset, 1.41pm Mon October 2nd 2017

"My dad's old motorbike. I'd love to see any photos of it you've got any. It was cream ..."

Morris Oxford MO, reg WUW106 submitted by Marc, Sussex, 11.23am Mon September 25th 2017

"I owned this car in late 1960's . It was dark blue/green/grey."

Triumph Spitfire, reg UMM883M submitted by John P, 4.39am Mon September 25th 2017

"I owned this car from 1988 - 1990. Initially it was garaged in Hendon , then kept on the street in Fu..."

Lambretta Li Series 3, reg HTD110B, Yorkshire, 12.27am Sun September 24th 2017

"Bought in 1964 from Dan's (Dan Bradbury) and taken to Sheffield. Given to me as a 16th Birthday ..."

Ford Corsair, reg UGH169F, Angus, 8.44am Wed September 20th 2017

"Owned this bench-seated, column-shift automatic beauty from 1982 to 1984 in Colchester, Essex. Bought..."

Ford Fiesta, reg F387OLB submitted by Matt Young, Lancashire, 12.37am Wed September 20th 2017

"XR2 mk2 in red. My brother in law bought this for £595 from a garage in Royton in 1998. He had to re..."

Ford Fiesta, reg W817ODM submitted by Matt Young, Lancashire, 12.17am Wed September 20th 2017

"My first new(ish) sensible car, I got this around 2001 for around £4000. When it was a month short o..."

Ford Escort, reg K302RKE submitted by Matt Young, Lancashire, 12.13am Wed September 20th 2017

"My first foray into the classic car world. I got this for £1400 and loved it. I returned it to facto..."

Austin Metro, reg F881FFM submitted by Darren, Flintshire, 7.35pm Sat September 16th 2017

"This was one of a batch of Metros sold by Lookers of Chester. It was a red 3-door with a 4 speed gear..."

Vehicle Of The Week

Photograph of vehicle UJN857 Austin A40 Uploaded 10.42am Mon Oct 16th 2017

I think this was the one owned by my great aunt Tilly, probably around 1957 at a guess. Is she still...

Comment Of The Week

Bedford A series, Modelman, Yorkshire Posted at 10.26pm Wed October 11th 2017

"This Vehicle Was First Owned By L And F Wild Bradford And I Rode For Many Miles In It As A Young Boy. It Was Used For Delivering Shoddy In Bulk Within A 40 Mile Radius..."

Notable Vehicles

Sometimes a vehicle catches our eye. When it does, we'll add it to our Hall Of Fame.

  • Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, EGF235B
  • Fiat 126, J11FRY
  • Volkswagen T2, VXS467
  • TVR Chimaera, S888AMB
  • Hillman Avenger, EKL368K
  • Armstrong Sapphire, HCF511
  • BMW 2002, WHM75G
  • MG TA Midget, GPK562
  • Morris Minor, UWA493F
  • Ford Fiesta, 242XUF
  • Mini Countryman, LGL311

Hand Drawn Cars!

Every Monday we choose a Car Of The Week from all of the uploaded photos and display it above on the front page. We also arrange for it to be hand drawn in a rather nice line art style. You can have a look at the most recent ones.

So to be in with a chance of getting your car hand drawn, upload any photos you have of your old cars, and we'll email you this coming Monday if you are successful!

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Most Popular Car Manufacturers

The most popular car manufacturer to be uploaded by RegArchive users is Ford with 1420 photo uploads, followed by Volkswagen with 649 uploads and Vauxhall with 420 uploads. Find your registration and upload yours.

Brand Up
1 Ford logo Ford 1420
2 Volkswagen logo Volkswagen 649
3 Vauxhall logo Vauxhall 420
4 BMW logo BMW 364
5 Austin logo Austin 346
6 Triumph logo Triumph 330
7 Land Rover logo Land Rover 278
8 MG logo MG 270
9 Mercedes Benz logo Mercedes Benz 264
10 Jaguar logo Jaguar 253

Most Popular Car Models

The most popular models uploaded by RegArchive users are Ford Escorts with 370 photo uploads, followed by Volkswagen Golfs with 199 uploads and Volkswagen Beetles with 155 uploads. Search for your registration and upload a photo.

Model Up
1 Ford Escort logo Ford Escort 370
2 Volkswagen Golf logo Volkswagen Golf 199
3 Volkswagen Beetle logo Volkswagen Beetle 155
4 Austin Mini logo Austin Mini 154
5 Ford Cortina logo Ford Cortina 151
6 Ford Capri logo Ford Capri 140
7 Ford Fiesta logo Ford Fiesta 131
8 MG MGB logo MG MGB 106
9 Vauxhall Astra logo Vauxhall Astra 106
10 Ford Sierra logo Ford Sierra 78

What Types Of Vehicles Are Being Uploaded?

The most popular type of vehicle to be uploaded (expectedly) is the car with around 84% of the photos submitted by RegArchive users, followed by the motorcyle/moped/scooter with 6% of the photos and the van with 2% of the photos. Search out your number plate and upload yours.

Type of vehicle %
1 Car 83.9%
2 Motorcyle/Moped/Scooter 6.3%
3 Van 2.4%
4 Bus/Coach 1.3%
5 Tractor 0.2%
6 Lorry/Truck 2.1%
7 Campervan/Motorhome 1.8%
8 Other 2%

Just tell us about your favourite car. Was it your first car? Did you drive it to festivals or around Britain? Did it have a name? If you can remember the registration plate, tell us that as well. Tell us your memories and we'll publish the best ones on RegArchive.

The registration plate archive for UK cars, bikes and vans registered between 1903 and 2001

RegArchive is the online archive for all UK vehicle registration plates. Use the search box above to see if your car, bike, van or other vehicle has been added with photos and comments. If not, consider uploading your car photos and/or add comments and memories - it's easy and free.