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RegArchive is an online archive for UK car registration plates from 1932 to 1963 (ABC 123) through to 1963 to 1982 (ABC 123 D) and finally from 1982 to 2001 (A 123 BCD).

Memories Of Your Car

Cars and other vehicles can bring back such wonderful memories for people - especially a car that they owned many years ago. If you have a photo of your old car please consider uploading it so we can publish it for posterity. Add any relevant comments as well - perhaps some memories about what the car means to you, where you went in it, where you drove it and even how old you were.

Latest Vehicle and Number Plate Comments

Yamaha RD, reg DYB835T submitted by Mo, Somerset, 10.20pm Fri June 24th 2016

"Fond memories of my first motorcycle which I acquired in September 1979 and enjoyed some great advent..."

Lambretta GP/DL Range, reg OFJ65G submitted by zottopera, Devon, 7.15pm Thu June 23rd 2016

"Bought in Exeter and used for travel to Heles Grammar School"

Ford Anglia, reg CMX404A, Hampshire, 7.34pm Wed June 22nd 2016

"This 'Ford Anglia Deluxe' (1000 cc). Was my late Dads first car.. It was two tone.. Deep Ma..."

Triumph Bonneville, reg MYK588P, Hampshire, 9.27pm Tue June 21st 2016

"I was the second owner of this bike.. I bought it from Elites in Tooting, about July 1975?? I owned i..."

Jaguar 420, reg XNO809F, 6.17pm Mon June 20th 2016

"Dark Blue Jaguar 420 owned by us in early 1970's"

Sunbeam Rapier Fastback & Alpine Fastback, reg PBD226F submitted by MrBristles, Northamptonshire, 1.09pm Sun June 19th 2016

"My late father had this car with this number plate, the car as said was the Sunbeam Rapier in metalli..."

MG MGC, reg BWA529G, 2.02am Fri June 17th 2016

"Rebuilt this car with my father many years ago, I wish I could find her and buy her back "

Ford Escort, reg B453OHP submitted by David, Warwickshire, 12.26pm Sun June 12th 2016

"This was a dark blue Ford Escort which i bought from what was then Soanes of Leamington Spa the Ford ..."

Hillman Avenger, reg RBV420J, Lancashire, 8.39am Sat June 11th 2016

"This car was bought new by my father around September 1971 and was written off after a collision in F..."

Citroen AX, reg J482TAN, 10.40pm Fri June 10th 2016

"I was the second owner of this car when I bought it in 1995. It was red, fast and a great little spor..."

Volkswagen Golf, reg D567TTY submitted by roddyn, Gloucestershire, 3.02pm Thu June 9th 2016

"Loved this car was red with Pirelli p slots missed it as soon as I sold it."

Kawasaki , reg D116FHX submitted by Nick, Kent, 2.50am Tue June 7th 2016

"I had this bike from new and rode it from London to Karachi . I sold it a year later after my escapad..."

Austin Mini, reg NVP56P, 9.05pm Sun June 5th 2016

"I brought this vehicle in 2002 from Lincolnshire from a man who had recently restored it. The colour ..."

Vehicle Of The Week

Photograph of vehicle GJE761 BMW 635 Uploaded 5.39pm Sat Jun 25th 2016

Comment Of The Week

Ford Anglia, Hampshire Posted at 7.34pm Wed June 22nd 2016

"This 'Ford Anglia Deluxe' (1000 cc). Was my late Dads first car.. It was two tone.. Deep Maroon botton half, and a Cream upper hallf. He had it from New, until..."

Notable Vehicles

Sometimes a vehicle catches our eye. When it does, we'll add it to our Hall Of Fame.

  • Aston Martin DB5, UWM361
  • Porsche 911, GVO339J
  • Ford Escort, SKG37R
  • Ford Mustang, UCA181D
  • BMW 635, GJE761
  • Jaguar E-Type, RCD148G
  • Triumph 2000 Mk1, Mk2, TC, NDH860E
  • Ford Mustang, GGY180J
  • Ford Capri, D440KVM
  • Ferarri 458, FIB855
  • Lamborghini Aventador, 3SJP

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Every Monday we choose a Car Of The Week from all of the uploaded photos and display it above on the front page. We also arrange for it to be hand drawn in a rather nice line art style. You can have a look at the most recent ones.

So to be in with a chance of getting your car hand drawn, upload any photos you have of your old cars, and we'll email you this coming Monday if you are successful!

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Most Popular Car Manufacturers

The most popular car manufacturer to be uploaded by RegArchive users is Ford with 1362 photo uploads, followed by Volkswagen with 614 uploads and Vauxhall with 415 uploads. Find your registration and upload yours.

Brand Up
1 Ford logo Ford 1362
2 Volkswagen logo Volkswagen 614
3 Vauxhall logo Vauxhall 415
4 BMW logo BMW 356
5 Austin logo Austin 326
6 Triumph logo Triumph 312
7 MG logo MG 256
8 Land Rover logo Land Rover 255
9 Mercedes Benz logo Mercedes Benz 253
10 Jaguar logo Jaguar 238

Most Popular Car Models

The most popular models uploaded by RegArchive users are Ford Escorts with 354 photo uploads, followed by Volkswagen Golfs with 187 uploads and Volkswagen Beetles with 152 uploads. Search for your registration and upload a photo.

Model Up
1 Ford Escort logo Ford Escort 354
2 Volkswagen Golf logo Volkswagen Golf 187
3 Volkswagen Beetle logo Volkswagen Beetle 152
4 Ford Cortina logo Ford Cortina 150
5 Austin Mini logo Austin Mini 143
6 Ford Capri logo Ford Capri 137
7 Ford Fiesta logo Ford Fiesta 123
8 Vauxhall Astra logo Vauxhall Astra 105
9 MG MGB logo MG MGB 99
10 Ford Sierra logo Ford Sierra 74

What Types Of Vehicles Are Being Uploaded?

The most popular type of vehicle to be uploaded (expectedly) is the car with around 84% of the photos submitted by RegArchive users, followed by the motorcyle/moped/scooter with 6% of the photos and the van with 2% of the photos. Search out your number plate and upload yours.

Type of vehicle %
1 Car 83.6%
2 Motorcyle/Moped/Scooter 6.4%
3 Van 2.4%
4 Bus/Coach 1.3%
5 Tractor 0.1%
6 Lorry/Truck 2.2%
7 Campervan/Motorhome 1.9%
8 Other 2%

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RegArchive is the online archive for all UK vehicle registration plates. Use the search box above to see if your car, bike, van or other vehicle has been added with photos and comments. If not, consider uploading your car photos and/or add comments and memories - it's easy and free.