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RegArchive is an online archive for UK car registration plates from 1932 to 1963 (ABC 123) through to 1963 to 1982 (ABC 123 D) and finally from 1982 to 2001 (A 123 BCD).

Memories Of Your Car

Cars and other vehicles can bring back such wonderful memories for people - especially a car that they owned many years ago. If you have a photo of your old car please consider uploading it so we can publish it for posterity. Add any relevant comments as well - perhaps some memories about what the car means to you, where you went in it, where you drove it and even how old you were.

Latest Vehicle and Number Plate Comments

Volkswagen Golf, reg J170FAP submitted by James, Devon, 5.18pm Fri November 20th 2015

"I used to own this car in the late 90's, would be interested in buying it back if it comes up fo..."

Ford Corsair, reg OLW654E submitted by rancethebus, Somerset, 2.45pm Fri November 20th 2015

"This was my second car and was stolen while in my possession. Fords were dead easy to steal then. Fir..."

Austin Mini, reg 653PYC submitted by rancethebus, Somerset, 2.39pm Fri November 20th 2015

"This was my first car and I owned it from 1969 until 1972. It was originally registered in Wells, Som..."

Volkswagen Golf, reg A40RYW submitted by Matthew, 11.24am Fri November 20th 2015

"I owned this from 1995-2009, how is she doing now?"

Vauxhall Cavalier, reg TDW910Y submitted by Peter, Monmouthshire, 9.31pm Tue November 17th 2015

"Great car! It took us from Ebbw Vale through France and into Spain in 1984 for holiday. Four young ch..."

Sunbeam Alpine, reg CTU512K submitted by CR, Cheshire, 10.08pm Mon November 16th 2015

"This was my Fathers car. I believe he was the second owner and purchased it from a gentleman in Willa..."

Ford Fiesta, reg D774HPW submitted by McMillan, Norfolk, 10.08pm Mon November 16th 2015

"This car should be on this registration when I sold it in the mid '90s, a Ford Fiesta mk2. It wa..."

Volkswagen T1, reg CXS391D, Cumberland, 9.23pm Mon November 16th 2015

"i would just like to know if this camper is still alive "

Mercedes Benz 180, reg P927RDS submitted by John M, Renfrewshire, 1.10am Mon November 16th 2015

"Bought this car new in Glasgow in Oct 1996. It stayed in the family for 17 years and was very trouble..."

Yamaha FS, reg HEB63N submitted by R.A.Leach, Cambridgeshire, 2.17pm Sat November 14th 2015

"was my moped at 16 years old wondered if it is still around, have alot of fond memories and would lov..."

Mitsubishi Starion, reg J546MDD submitted by Reid, 3.25am Sat November 14th 2015

"This car was featured on Top Gear in one of their cheap car challenges."

Ford Sierra, reg B44EEW, 9.47pm Fri November 13th 2015

"Stolen in 1991 from Epping, Essex"

Hillman Minx, reg SJU67 submitted by Beaufort, Leicestershire, 9.12pm Fri November 13th 2015

"Possess motor manual for owner who owned April 21 1964 Mileage 11630, and March 10 1971 60758. "

Austin Healey Sprite, reg XGO355 submitted by Arround The Wolrd W, 4.48pm Fri November 13th 2015

"This Austin Healey was used in 1959 to make a trip arround the world. There were two students who sta..."

Vehicle Of The Week

Photograph of vehicle BHM586H Triumph Herald Uploaded 9.03pm Fri Nov 20th 2015

My Wife and I owned this car in the 90's. According to Tax database, it looks like it's...

Comment Of The Week

Sunbeam Alpine, CR, Cheshire Posted at 10.08pm Mon November 16th 2015

"This was my Fathers car. I believe he was the second owner and purchased it from a gentleman in Willaston, Wirral around 1975/6. It was a lovely car and we enjoyed many..."

Notable Vehicles

Sometimes a vehicle catches our eye. When it does, we'll add it to our Hall Of Fame.

  • Triumph Herald, BHM586H
  • Porsche 928, H982FKL
  • Porsche Cayman, J1RAM
  • MG MGC, SJR939G
  • Mitsubishi Starion, J546MDD
  • Volkswagen Golf, LIA45
  • Lancia Flavia, PLP12E
  • Ford Capri, D63OWC
  • Dodge Coronet, NAL433E
  • Triumph TR7, LRV966Y
  • Hummer H2, CUR11T

Hand Drawn Cars!

Every Monday we choose a Car Of The Week from all of the uploaded photos and display it above on the front page. We also arrange for it to be hand drawn in a rather nice line art style. You can have a look at the most recent ones.

So to be in with a chance of getting your car hand drawn, upload any photos you have of your old cars, and we'll email you this coming Monday if you are successful!

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Most Popular Car Manufacturers

The most popular car manufacturer to be uploaded by RegArchive users is Ford with 1263 photo uploads, followed by Volkswagen with 576 uploads and Vauxhall with 403 uploads. Find your registration and upload yours.

Brand Up
1 Ford logo Ford 1263
2 Volkswagen logo Volkswagen 576
3 Vauxhall logo Vauxhall 403
4 BMW logo BMW 329
5 Austin logo Austin 308
6 Triumph logo Triumph 301
7 MG logo MG 243
8 Land Rover logo Land Rover 238
9 Mercedes Benz logo Mercedes Benz 237
10 Jaguar logo Jaguar 224

Most Popular Car Models

The most popular models uploaded by RegArchive users are Ford Escorts with 317 photo uploads, followed by Volkswagen Golfs with 177 uploads and Ford Cortinas with 148 uploads. Search for your registration and upload a photo.

Model Up
1 Ford Escort logo Ford Escort 317
2 Volkswagen Golf logo Volkswagen Golf 177
3 Ford Cortina logo Ford Cortina 148
4 Volkswagen Beetle logo Volkswagen Beetle 146
5 Austin Mini logo Austin Mini 135
6 Ford Capri logo Ford Capri 123
7 Ford Fiesta logo Ford Fiesta 115
8 Vauxhall Astra logo Vauxhall Astra 102
9 MG MGB logo MG MGB 97
10 Ford Sierra logo Ford Sierra 72

What Types Of Vehicles Are Being Uploaded?

The most popular type of vehicle to be uploaded (expectedly) is the car with around 84% of the photos submitted by RegArchive users, followed by the motorcyle/moped/scooter with 6% of the photos and the van with 2% of the photos. Search out your number plate and upload yours.

Type of vehicle %
1 Car 83.7%
2 Motorcyle/Moped/Scooter 6.3%
3 Van 2.4%
4 Bus/Coach 1.3%
5 Tractor 0.2%
6 Lorry/Truck 2.3%
7 Campervan/Motorhome 1.9%
8 Other 2%

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